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Will Smith Phenomenon

Will Smith has the golden touch, and his latest movie, Hancock, proves this. With the release of Hancock, and its grossing $66 million on opening, it soon passed the $100 million mark. This makes Smith the first actor in history to have 8 consecutive movies that each grossed over $100 million. The movies that Smith appeared in (the lead roles) to give him this record are (chronologically), “Men in Black II,” “Bad Boys II,” “I, Robot,” “Shark Tale,” “Hitch,” “The Pursuit of Happyness,” “I Am Legend,” and now “Hancock.” Will Smith also appears in the record books as the actor with the fourth-highest number of movies that grossed over $100 million – including Hancock he has 12 such movies, while Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Eddie Murphy have 15, 14 and 13 such movies respectively.

Will Smith is an amazingly talented actor who ensures success of every movie he stars in. Will Smith has shone in all of his roles, and he has perfected his persona of a humorous actor who is able to integrate wit and humor into any role he takes on. In order to have a successful t.v. series (“The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”) and be able to move into Hollywood, there is no doubt that one must have tremendous talent. In addition, we must not forget that simultaneously Smith has maintained a career as a rap/hip-hop artist, something very few have been able to do. (He also maintains a strong marriage and is a good father to his children.)

Smith’s successes indicate a high level of comical and acting talent which has turned into a winning commodity at the box office. Will Smith’s appearance in a movie guarantees its box office success. The basic reason for this is that he is an exceptional actor, very likable character and people enjoy watching his movies. He succeeded in all of his movies, and continues to surpass our expectations providing us with memorable performances along with his outstandingly clever comedy persona.

In conclusion, Will Smith is a phenomenon who ranks with the top actors, and he has an extremely bright future ahead of him. Will Smith fans – and there are many, many of them – will always recall his successes, and will always flock to his performances. There is no denying that Smith is extremely successful at what he does and he has reached a status that very few are able to obtain. One thing’s for sure – Will Smith is here to stay, and he will be starring in many more blockbusters.

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