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Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes - Bollywood Hollywood Movie Downloads and Review Reviewerstar

Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes

Caroline Forbes Profile


Caroline has long blond hair and a pale complexion. She is bright and cheerful with a streak of bitchiness that makes her very competitive, especially around Elena. Caroline isn’t good at keeping things secret and when Bonnie pushes her for information about Damon and Stefan she asks, “When have you ever kept a secret in your life?” Damon insults Caroline by calling her shallow and she goes to Matt saying she doesn’t mean to be shallow and that she wants to be deep. Caroline doesn’t mean to be shallow, but it is likely due to her relationship with her mom.

Character History:

Season 1:

Caroline’s mother is Elizabeth Forbes, the local Sheriff. They appear to have a strained relationship. The father is absent and is currently in a relationship with a man called Stephen.

Character Relationships:

Elena Gilbert:

Elena and Caroline have been friends since the first grade. Although, in addition to being good friends Caroline also considers Elena to be a rival. When it comes to her relationship with Elena, Caroline often has a feeling of self-inferiority and is often jealous. Caroline thinks everything comes easily and naturally to Elena while she needs to work hard to impress and doesn’t have the same level of success that Elena does.

Caroline inferiority complex increase when she dates Elena’s ex-boyfriend, Matt Donovan. The problem is compounded because Matt is still in love with Elena. The relationship between Caroline and Elena is described by Candice Accola as the following:

“It’s one of those things where we grew up together and were kind of like sisters and friends and we have this history together but now that we’re older and in high school I kind of see her as a threat to attention and my competition in our high school.”

Damon Salvatore:

When Damon was initially interested in Caroline he played hard to get, but then by the end of the second episode, he picked her up. Eventually they become intimate, but Damon appears to primarily use her as a snack and has plans to use her only for his personal reasons. While Damon attacks her again in the episode ‘Family Ties’ and declares he’s over her, he does still have control over her mind in the following episode, ‘You’re Undead to Me’, when he uses her to free him from the dungeon.

Stefan Salvatore:

Caroline views Stefan as attractive. Caroline throws herself at him during the back to school party, but he rejects her. She stares after him in shock.

Bonnie Bennett:

Caroline and Bonnie are good friends and both are cheerleaders. In the episode, ‘History Repeating’ the audience learns that the closeness between Bonnie and Elena is creating tension between Bonnie and Caroline because Caroline feels left out and thinks they won’t tell her anything. Bonnie and Caroline are able to make up when Elena tells them to talk to each other.

Matt Donovan:

Caroline and Matt have been friends since grade school. When Damon harshly insults Caroline, she gets drunk and then discusses her problems with Matt. Since they both have a feeling of loneliness, they grow closer. Even though the two had a rough start, they eventually start dating.

Random Facts:

ยท The name was original Caroline Truitt until the name Forbes was approved.

Candice Accola’s Thoughts on Caroline:

During an interview, Accola describes Caroline as the following:

“Caroline’s mother is the sheriff of the town so that explains her rebelliousness a little bit. Little things like that and the banter with her friends and with Bonnie and Elena and just how there is so much history there. You know when you grow up and you’re in high school and you’ve grown up with someone and everything changes when a cute new boy comes into town, and the boy doesn’t want you, he wants someone else. That’s going to create a conflict with your friends when your entire world revolves around getting attention from cute boys in high school.”

During another interview, Accola had this to say about her character:

“Caroline Forbes is a girl that knows what she wants and whether it’s attention, whether it’s a fun party dress or whether it’s to be lusted after by the hottest guy in school. I think that’s overall the best definition for Caroline is that she’s a girl who knows what she wants and she’ll do anything to get it.”

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