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Trucking Communication Systems and Truck Transponders - Bollywood Hollywood Movie Downloads and Review Reviewerstar

Trucking Communication Systems and Truck Transponders

The trucking industry has always enjoyed its communication tools and the drivers have also enjoyed them as well. CB or Citizen Band Radios were often a driver's only communication in the middle of the night on a long-haul. Perhaps you remember the famous TV show "BJ and the Bear" or maybe you liked some of the famous Hollywood Movies with Big Rigs? These entertainment and artistic creations are pretty accurate when it comes to the use of CBs.

Local Trucking Companies have also very much enjoyed "trunk repeater" radio systems with the systems on the top of a local hill, infrastructure or high buildings. Satellite communication systems started out as expensive, but that is no longer the case. Trucking Companies enjoyed satellite Alpha Pagers, radios and phones as first adopters. The Industry needs its communication systems and today all they are part of the reason for its success.

Truck Transponders

Truck Transponders are a nifty device, which allow us to identify the truck it is attached to with a unique number or label. This makes them perfect for billing for toll-ways, knowing who is who and allowing them to by-pass through a reader. This also helps weigh scales check rapidly if the truck is up-to-date and of a known company or trust-worthy source. Unfortunately not all trucks have transponders. Perhaps they should to speed up traffic flows?

If all trucks had transponders it would be easy to accurate and fairly distribute their fair share of the costs associated with maintaining the roads and highways. For instance; Road Usage Tax and Commercial Carrier Trucking Transponders might solve a lot of problems. Truck Transponders are an excellent communication device to insure safety in trucking and prevent unknown "Evil Doers" from using a truck to harm us.

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