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Will Smith Phenomenon

Will Smith has the golden touch, and his latest movie, Hancock, proves this. With the release of Hancock, and its grossing $66 million on opening, it soon passed the $100 million mark. This makes Smith the first actor in history to have 8 consecutive movies that each grossed over $100 million. The movies that Smith

The Long Tail: Big Hits and Big Misses

The ” Long Tail” is a colloquial name given to various statistical distributions characterized by a small group of events of high amplitude and a very large group of events with low amplitude. Coined by Wired Magazine writer Chris Anderson in 2004, the Web’s Long Tail has since gone on to perplex academics and challenge

How to Read and Write a Screenplay

First of all, WHAT IS A SCREENPLAY? It is a movie in words specially formatted on paper. A screenplay or script is a blueprint for producing a motion picture. It is more specifically targeted at the visual, narrative arts, such as film and television. The major components are action and dialogue. The "action" is written

Watching Movies Online

The movie watching habits of people are changing as we get busier with our lives. On demand is becoming the status quo and with advancements in internet technology and video streaming capacities now is the time to partake in this marvellous revolutionary entertainment value. Did you know that while most people hunt for a free