Denzel Washington Movies Vs Morgan Freeman Movies – What to Know

In the arena of pop culture trivia, movies are a monstrous category. Within this category, many people ask questions like "who is the best African-American actor of our time?" To answer this, it seems that are definitely two front runners, but who you believe takes the cake you may have to decide for yourself. If you compare Denzel Washington movies vs Morgan Freeman movies you will discover what makes them such influential and profound members of this category who are both celebrated for their likenesses as well as their differences.

Denzel Washington, for example, was the first African-American male to win the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role, which he did in 2002 for Training Day. This came roughly 25 years into his admirable career.

Before this, in 1990, he won the Support Actor Oscar for Glory, which served to establish his name and face as true star in Hollywood.

As far as the total Denzel Washington movies vs Morgan Freeman movies are concerned, Morgan Freeman boasts nearly twice as many on-screen appearances as his slightly younger counterpart.

When you compare Denzel Washington Movies vs Morgan Freeman movies you will immediately notice, however, that Morgan Freeman has nearly twice as many roles on his resume. He also won Academy Award was also for Supporting Actor for his part in the Clint Eastwood directed Million Dollar Baby, in 2004.

His versatility is nearly unmatched, as you can find him powerfully commanding the screen in memorable roles from The Shawshank Redemption or Driving Miss Daisy. Obviously his talents are not restricted to drama as he also appears in the comedy Bruce Almighty and the suspense thriller Se7en, and even the recent action movie Wanted.

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