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Interview – Robert Harmon and Eric Red

[This interview took place in 1986.] The Hitcher Directed by Robert Harmon Screenplay by Eric Red Breaking into Hollywood is seldom easy. It takes talent, persistence, determination, and lots of luck. Director Robert Harmon and screenwriter Eric Red have managed to put together all of the above in creating The Hitcher, a new thriller starring

The Top 10 Best Action Anime Movies

Anime movies are a real delight to watch. They combine all real life elements similar to a motion picture. Yet, the absence of real-life people or real-life objects is what makes them so special and also powerful. Like real motion pictures, anime movies are of similar length and have a strong story to support the

Video Tricks of the Trade

If you’ve been given the job of making a video for your company, you need to know a few things before you begin. Even if you’re experienced and feel like you could produce it alone, start by getting advice from a video production company. They are professionals. They do this every day, and they usually