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Hollywood’s Secret Copywriting Seminar

If you would like to know how watching a special kind of movie can triple the response of your next sales promotion, then you’re going to find this particular article very interesting. Here’s why: One of the little-talked about tricks the late (and brilliant) copywriter Eugene Schwartz taught was to watch the movie Lethal Weapon

Is Sandra Bullock Promiscuous?

Sandra has the long face which indicates she is assertive, belligerent, inventive, resourceful, and a leader. She feels fear. Works best independently, and has to learn self-confidence. Forehead is domed and high. She is creative in her thinking, with intelligence. She had a good childhood and is close to her parents. Her eyebrows curved, long

The Long Lost Art of Being Discovered

One of the most of fascinating Hollywood legends is the discovery of film actress Lana Turner at the soda fountain in Schwab’s drug store in Hollywood, by director Mervyn Le Roy in 1936. Wikipedia tells a different story, saying that Turner was discovered by The Hollywood Reporter publisher, William Wilkerson, not at Schwab’s, but at

QuickTime Movie Trailers

The famous company who developed these QuickTime movie trailers is Apple. Apple developed software called QuickTime7 pro which helps us to see the same trailer again and again. It supports all types of trailers. It also helps us to share and create high quality multimedia. There are many more practical features available with this software.

How to Read Superhero and Marvel Comics

In the last few years, superheroes have become big business. Hollywood is turning out an increasing number of superhero movies featuring heroes both famous, such as Batman, and obscure, such as Ghost Rider. More and more people are becoming interested in reading comics, but going into their local comic book store can be an overwhelming