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A Guide To What Makes Action Movies Great, For People Who Don't Like Action Movies - Bollywood Hollywood Movie Downloads and Review Reviewerstar

A Guide To What Makes Action Movies Great, For People Who Don’t Like Action Movies

Action movies are sometimes seen as the ultimate escapism for modern-day viewers, as these films allow the audience to vicariously overcome challenges, all while experiencing visual and sensory stimulation. For those who do not enjoy this genre of film, it can be difficult to understand why some keep returning to the theater to see each new action film. The answer is quite simple: excitement. Take a look at what makes these cinematic experiences worth viewing:

There’s always a resourceful hero or heroine.

While there are exceptions to this rule, most action movies include a hero or heroine (or both!) who is thoughtful, athletic and, above all, resourceful. This person is usually caught in an impossible situation with not much in the way of tools or money. Thankfully, the character is quick on his or her feet and is able to adapt to whatever intense situation presents itself. Audiences really love seeing a “good guy” win, especially through that person’s own determination and courage.

Overcoming problems and challenges is the overarching theme.

If audiences love a resourceful character, then they really love a character’s ability to battle through, often literally, some very tough and seemingly impossible situations. In a fast-paced movie setting, it can be exciting and hopeful to see a tense situation play out on the big screen, only to have a character overcome a huge challenge. These challenges generally present as dangerous moments. This can take place in the wilderness, on a fast-paced highway, through a chase scene in crooked and narrow streets, and even out on (or in) the water. People love feeling the adrenaline that accompanies a high-stakes situation. And often, they are rewarded for their participation when the movie concludes and the characters have overcome the problems.

Insane graphics equal a sensory feast.

As technology continues to explode, so do the graphics of films. Each day, computer-generated imagery takes another step into the future. The sound effects and pyrotechnics are generally over the top. Another trademark of most action films include larger-than-life stunts. In short, these movies activate a viewer’s senses by presenting the unbelievable as believable.

The actors are surprisingly part of the appeal of action movies.

Many people go to see a movie based on who is acting in the film. For the action genre, many actors and actresses are repeats. In other words, some actors tend to gravitate toward action films and have made a name for themselves by creating very physical, sometimes violent and demanding roles. These actors are usually athletic and highly energetic. Oftentimes, directors and producers will pull their acting choices from the world of sports. Some good examples of this are Jackie Chan, of course, who stars as a martial arts wizard and recently, Ronda Rousey, who has no background in acting, but certainly as held her own as a professional fighter. Audience members love to see recurring roles in subsequent films, as well. Oftentimes, action movies lend themselves well to sequels and trilogies. And while the storyline may be a little less intellectual and a little more predictable, it is sure to almost always allow the viewer to sit back, relax, and escape reality for just a few hours.

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